Royal Top Grass
Top Grass supply synthetic turf with the ideal solution for any sports surface, whatever the sport. Within their extensive range of components there are products developed specifically for sports, including soccer, American football, hockey, tennis and golf.

Royal Top Grass blades set the standard for the resilience and performance of sports surfaces. Building on decades of sport turf experience, Royal Top Grass has blades that look and feel great and literally stand up to intensive play. Unlike other monofilaments that only look good when new, Royal Top Grass blades provide the resilience, playability, durability and looks you need when other products remain lying flat.

  • Great playability: the surface retains superior ball roll after extensive use
  • Better resilience: artificial turf blades continue to return to the upright position after extended play
  • Much better look & feel: the turf blades retain their unequaled look & feel
  • Reduced glare: due to dispersed light reflection
  • The right choice for high performance sports fields, professional or otherwise

 Royal Top Grass make your field different !