Vietnamese "super-fan" stirs world media
Date: 07/18/2013
The photos featuring Vu Xuan Tien chasing Arsenal bus on the street of Hanoi has overwhelmed newspapers in the UK and some Asian countries.

 The photos are cut from a video clip shot and shared on social networks by an Arsenal player.

The DailyMail published on its website a long article about Vu Xuan Tien. The authors called this guy a "super-fan".

"How far would you go to meet your heroes? For one Arsenal fan, the answer is a few miles in just over 15 minutes," DailyMail wrote.

"As Arsenal continued their Asia Tour in Hanoi, the team took some time off to visit the One Pillar Pagoda and naturally were chased by many local fans hoping to catch a rare glimpse of the Gunners in person as they ventured across Vietnam on their team bus to the historic Buddhist temple."

“Many tried to dart in and out of traffic on bikes, but it was one man who caught the squad’s undivided attention as he impressively ran alongside the bus, keeping pace despite bumping into a few trees and lampposts. And the bus was soon full of chants from the Arsenal team singing: "Sign him up, sign him up." One player is heard to joke: "He"s fitter than Aaron Ramsey!"

Striker Olivier Giroud filmed the run on his phone before uploading it on to his Facebook page where he claimed the fan had followed the bus for 15 minutes. Wojciech Szczesny told the story about Xuan Tien on a video clip published on the website of Arsenal.

The article has been shared by nearly 2,000 readers and got hundreds of comments. The most liked comment by a Spanish is: "That guy ran more in 15 mins than Bendtner did in 5 years." Nicklas Bendtner is Arsenal’s striker who does not participate in the Asia tour.

Others expressed their admiration for mental health and persistence of Xuan Tien.

In an article on The Sun, the author believed that Arsenal will lead the Premier League this year if they can do like this fan, who ran a long way despite stumbles because of trees or lamp posts.

The Times, The Week ... also reported this event besides the websites of ESPN, Fox News, Goal ...